Allow me to tell about Paths Crossed once again

Allow me to tell about Paths Crossed once again

The way I finished up joining Databricks

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A Korean proverb numerous Koreans like myself often forget is:

Simply brushing by someone means you’re fatefully connected compared to that individual.

Plenty connections that are social and proceed through our life, so we don’t constantly value them just as much as they deserve. But a great deal can occur despite having brief interactions, which can be just just what I’m going to unfold on this page.

In 2014, I happened to be having days that are busy a lead associated with Netty task. Like most open-source that is moderately popular, its maintenance is generally a competition against your inbox. Overwhelmed by a good amount of questions and show demands, it is very easy to concentrate a lot of on attaining ‘inbox zero’ and forget concerning the milestones users are making an effort to achieve utilizing the task.

Apache Spark™ ended up being one such user, and therefore had been my very very first brush with Reynold Xin, Databricks’ Co-founder. Norman (another Netty maintainer) and I also aided him with some interesting dilemmas linked to zero-copy file transfer and /dev/epoll transportation. We didn’t even understand what task Reynold had been taking care of at that moment. A couple of months later on, we finally discovered from Reynold’s e-mail about Apache Spark’s winning at 2014 Gray type competition that Netty played a non-trivial part.

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