Without a doubt more about Glossary of Bias Terms

Without a doubt more about Glossary of Bias Terms

To be able to facilitate dialogue that is best, the Bias Report and help group thinks that it’s crucial to generally share a standard language of social justice terms.

This glossary is certainly not supposed to be exhaustive. Due to the real means that language works, specially around these principles, it is critical to observe that a number of these terms continue steadily to evolve.


Our identities are whom our company is as people, including our characteristics that are personal history, character, title along with other traits that do make us unique and differing off their individuals.

  • Asexual somebody who will not experience sexual attraction.
  • Biracial an individual who identifies as originating from two events; someone whoever biological moms and dads are of two races that are different.
  • Bigender/Dual Gender someone who possesses and expresses a persona that is distinctly masculine a distinctly feminine persona and it is comfortable in and enjoys presenting both in sex roles.
  • Bisexual someone who is interested in folks of their very own sex aswell as another gender.
  • Cisgender a description for an individual whoever sex identification, sex phrase and intercourse assigned at delivery align (age.g., guy, masculine and male).
  • Ethnicity the tradition of men and women in a offered region that is geographic including their language, history, faith and traditions.

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